Protests Enter Fourth Day in Lebanon

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Lebanon’s protests entered its fourth day straight on Sunday as demonstrators pledge to carry on marching to add pressure on the Lebanese government to resign and political leaders to step down.

Protesters, who have been on the streets since Thursday October, 17, have surged in number calling for more people to join the various locations nationwide and abroad, with the biggest demonstration set to be held in Beirut’s Riad al-Solh.

Four Ministers from the Lebanese Forces party have submitted their resignations from Hariri’s Cabinet late Saturday as the party leader Samir Geagea cited the lack of the government’s “intention” to carry out the necessary reforms.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Friday gave a 72-hour deadline to his partners in the government to agree on a solution to the country's economic woes without imposing new taxes.

The Association of Banks in Lebanon announced that banks will remain closed Monday October, 21 amid nationwide popular movements.

Sunday morning, protesters collected dozens trash, sorted it, and put it in different colored bags. For its part, the state dispatched bulldozers to remove debris from the capital’s streets.

Lebanese diaspora across the world took to the streets in their residential areas in solidarity with their people at home to encourage them to carry on with their demands.

Expatriates gathered USA’s Huston, Australia’s Sydney and in front of the Lebanese Consulate in Calgary, Canada waving the Lebanese flags and shouting slogans “To overhaul sectarian partitioning,” in addition to Canada’s Edmonton, and USA’s Washington DC where protesters called out for accountability not only the government’s resignation.

Nationwide demonstrations broke out after Cabinet ministers announced the imposition of new levies, in a bid to increase state revenues.