Kataeb Leader Joins Party Students in Signature Campaign

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Kataeb lawmakers joined the Kataeb students in their signature campaign on a giant Lebanese flag calling for the government’s resignation and early Parliamentary elections.

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel along with MPs Elias Hankache and Nadim Gemayel signed the flag at the party’s headquarters in Saifi before marching to join the protests in Martyrs’ Square.

“I love you Lebanon. We will realize our dream. The Lebanese youths, Muslims and Christians, are on the lookout in the service Lebanon,” Gemayel wrote on the flag.

He hailed the Lebanese and the Kataeb supporters who haven’t slept for five days taking part in the demonstrations.

“Despite the fatigue, we will pave the way for our country to rise anew, Muslims and Christians, putting aside our political affiliations, sects and history, we are working hand in hand to create a better future for our country,” Gemayel said.

Source: Kataeb.org