Hankache Blasts Government's Patching Up Attempts, Accentuates Its Failure

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Hankache Blasts Government's Patching Up Attempts, Accentuates Its Failure

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Wednesday denounced the government’s attempts to patch things up in order to remain in power because it is unfit to rescue the country from what it drove it to.

“It is not required of it to introduce reforms or to patch things up because it would not do,” he stressed in an interview with Skynews Arabia, adding that “what is needed of it is to withdraw first and second to form a rescue government of specialists that would move the country to a new phase through early Parliamentary elections.”

Hankache described the uprising as a historical scene that the country hasn’t witnessed for years.

“This uprising is not politicized and that is the reason behind its success”

The Kataeb official explained that the party’s leader and his participation in Zouk Mosbeh and Jal el-Dib sit-ins yesterday was aimed at asserting the demonstrations that were threatened by the Army’s orders of forcibly opening the roads

“We do understand that ‘all of them means all’ politicians”

“We do not wish to politicize the protests or for our participation to be treated as attempts to harness its advantages; hence we withdrew once the protests were maintained,” Hankache stated.

“The Kataeb ministers have resigned from the government and we were not part of the Presidential settlement. We did not give our vote of confidence to this government. We challenged the taxation law for over three stages and we voted against the approved state budgets that have led to this crisis,” he listed.

“This popular movement’s demands match those of the Kataeb party’s which they proclaimed for four years in opposition as perceived in its movements on the streets, Parliament and the Constitutional Council,” he corroborated.

“The Kataeb is not a party which lost people’s trust as proved by the recent encounters with the people, but the general atmosphere renders rejection to the ruling authority and the political settlement,” he indicated.

Source: Kataeb.org