PM Hariri Resigns 'in Response to Protesters' Demands

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PM Hariri Resigns 'in Response to Protesters' Demands

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday tendered his resignation from office, weeks after an unprecedented wave of protests began in Lebanon against corrupt political leaders.

“In my attempt to find a way out through listening to people’s demands and protecting the country from financial, economic and livelihood dangers, I have reached a dead end,” Hariri said in his address to the Lebanese people, speaking from his official Downtown residence.

“It was time for a positive shock. I will head to the Baabda Palace to submit my resignation to the President in response to protesters’ demands”

The Premier urged the Lebanese to preserve civil peace, stability, and security of the country.

“To all my political comrades, our responsibility today is how to protect Lebanon, prevent rampant wildfires and jump-start the economy”

“I place my resignation at the President’s disposal. The country’s dignity and safety are the most important”

“Positions come and go but no one is bigger than his country. God bless Lebanon,” he stressed.

The Premier's resignation entails the entire Cabinet's departure, ushering a new government formation process.