Kataeb Finalizes Draft Law to Hold Parliamentary Elections in May

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Kataeb Finalizes Draft Law to Hold Parliamentary Elections in May

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel called for holding swift consultations to assign a neutral prime minister who in turn would form a government of specialists.

“The party’s parliamentary bloc has completed a draft law to shorten the Parliament’s mandate till May 6, 2020 with Parliamentary elections to be held shortly before,” he announced during a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

Gemayel also reviewed a previous proposal by the Kataeb’s parliamentary bloc which is adopting a law that hats lawmakers’ lifelong salaries and a salary deduction whenever a deputy fails to attend a Parliament session.

“Unproductive deputies should be cut off,” he stressed, noting that all these laws and other ones were submitted to the parliament but remained stillborn.

“The people are looking for change on the political scene, for accountability and the only way for those to be attained are through Parliamentary elections,” he denoted.

“What is needed today is to restore people’s decision-making power through ballot boxes and the emergence of the state which start in the Parliament”

“Respect people’s will and let them make their decisions in early elections”

“There’s no such thing as vacuum and assigning a new Prime Minister has to happen soon provided that a new government is formed within two week’s time”

“The people have spoken; it wants a neutral government. The popular will must be respected,” he stressed.

“We must not consider that the fight is over because the Prime Minister’s resignation is but the beginning,” Gemayel said.

“The next step after the resignation is to form a government of specialists that would enable reformative processes”

“Austere reforms must be implemented such as passing a law to recover the looted funds which we presented in 2017, a law to lift bank secrecy off politicians, contractors and all those dealing with the government”

“No one dares to mull over a new political settlement at people’s expense because the people have overthrown the last settlement which destroyed the country,” he warned.

“When the will of the people is united with constitutional mechanisms, the desired change can be achieved in a civilized way,” he highlighted.

“A radical change must be realized or else a real opportunity will be wasted”

“What happened is a victory to all of Lebanon and its people in all regions. It is a triumph to the Lebanese woman who was calling for a better future to Lebanon and upcoming generations,” he hailed.

“This is victory to the youths from all denominations who vigorously took to the streets united waving the Lebanese flag and renouncing political and sectarian or any other affiliations,” he upheld.

“This is a triumph to the Army which proved it is part of the people,” he thanked the Army for protecting protesters in the face of oppressive attempts.

“The Lebanese people’s uprising was civilized and peaceful, praised by countries across the globe. I don’t think a similar profound and peaceful uprising has ever occurred in human history,” he acclaimed.

“We are proud of our comrades who fought for their country and pressured for Lebanon’s interest”

“The greatest victory of the revolution is that it invigorated the spirit of nationalism; people demonstrated capacity to hold their elect-politicians accountable for their actions,” he pointed out.

“Those capable of holding accountability can build a nation.”

Source: Kataeb.org