Nasrallah Admits Lack of Trust in Government, Calls for Swift Formation

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Nasrallah Admits Lack of Trust in Government, Calls for Swift Formation

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah on Friday called for a swift new government formation that is sovereign and complies with people’s demands, rejecting any description of previous governments as ‘Hezbollah governments’.

“Hezbollah never held any influential ministerial seat,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech, noting that naming it a ‘Hezbollah government is aimed at drawing antagonized responses from foreign communities and blaming Hezbollah for its failures.

“The Cabinet’s resignation has some ramifications such as freezing the reform paper in the absence of a government,” he said, reiterating that Hezbollah did not agree to the Prime Minister’s resignation.

He criticized that the U.S. plays a vital role in the country’s decision-making process, disclaiming Hezbollah’s contingent connection with Iran as it is “free, sovereign and independent.”

“Media coverage focused on protesters swearing which is unprecedented in Lebanon; it was not spontaneous at all but clearly steered,” he stated.

Nasrallah argued that some parties wanted to sway the protests away from their rightful demands to cause an “internal conflict” by inciting some people to use targeted offenses.

“Protest organizers appear to have been trying to secure political investments and interests”

“Our focus over the last two weeks had been to prevent a vacuum in the country,” Nasrallah stressed.

He said that one of the positives of the protests was that they were cross-sectarian.

“We call on this new government to work seriously as the country’s financial and economic time is tight. Seriousness, hard work and prioritizing [important things] is needed,” he pointed out.