Gemayel Warns Against Drafting New Settlements to Partition Political Gains

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Gemayel Warns Against Drafting New Settlements to Partition Political Gains

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday criticized officials’ indolence for handling people’s outcry and all files with the same old approach, pointing out that numerous consultations are taking place on the sidelines to disrupt constitutional mechanisms instead of assigning a new Prime Minister.

“They are concocting new deals to partition political gains; this performance will lead to further tensions and protests in the country,” Gemayel warned during an interview with Sky News Arabia.

“There’s this habit of resorting to political settlements and deals before allowing the constitution and its mechanisms to take its course, which was always a grave mistake that led to successive institutional stalemates for 15 years, up to the point of street protests. But it looks like officials did not hear people’s outcry,” he criticized.

“This is an uprising against all political performances apparent in people’s withdrawal of trust from their representatives in the Parliament following deceptive and fraudulent practices in the Parliamentary elections,” Gemayel stated, demanding the political authority to launch reforms as everyone is fed up with unkept promises.

“Protesters decommissioned lawmakers who do not represent them,” he said, emphasizing that the people are the decision-makers.

“We fully back people’s demand of a neutral government of specialists outside the framework of the political power play that would immediately take up and implement reforms,” he stressed, acknowledging that it would be in Lebanon's interest to remain neutral towards all regional conflicts.

The Kataeb chief highlighted the need to hasten early Parliamentary elections in 6 months so that the people can cast their votes and make their independent decisions.

He assured the Lebanese that they would still be able to turn the table on corrupt politicians even if a new electoral law was not reached in the upcoming 6 months.

“Certain political blocs seem to be visually impaired or hard of hearing for not grasping the demands of the 1.5 million people who took to the street in the last three weeks,” he scorned.

Gemayel slammed sham propositions of a techno-political government since some current ministers are mere puppets in the hands of certain political forces who have taken over the decision-making power from the Cabinet.

“If we have the same actions, authority and decision-making, we will be presented with the same outcome,” he observed.

He explained that Caretaker PM Saad Hariri’s possible reelection has to be up to the people, noting that a number of decent competent figures of expertise could be an alternative option.