Hakim: Confidence Is Missing Between People and State

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Hakim: Confidence Is Missing Between People and State

“The most important factor in Economics is trust that should be reciprocated between two parties. Confidence in the uprising is portrayed today,” Hakim indicated to MTV channel.

“This mutual trust between the state and the citizen was anticipated for 34 days, but it did not happen,” he deplored.

“Confidence building has various standards, absent in all political rhetoric addressing citizens,” he criticized.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

“Therefore, real solutions to intractable problems in the country must be sought out,” he indicated, pointing out to firstly detecting a prognosis and secondly to supply an accurate prescription.

“Practical resolutions and reaching safety can only be attained when looking ahead and carrying out an adequate management of the governance of the state,” he noted.

“Had banks been truly in upheaval, it wouldn’t have opened its doors for clients. In fact, the financial sector is being sapped as a result of a backlog of work over the years,” he suggested.

The Kataeb politburo member recommended collaboration and joining forces given that the country has moved into a long and difficult economic recession.

“It can be wavered as it is not fully reached. Despite the rough conditions, Lebanon has potentials,” he augured.

“Banks are standing on their feet but time is pressing. The ruling class seems to be living in a different world, deceiving us,” he condemned.

“Viable solutions should be translated into actions, not mere words,” he outlined.

“The Kataeb party already has four figures in mind, capable of ushering the formation process of a new government; but it will later on reveal the names,” he declared.

“More than 20,000 people are taking part in the civil Tripoli march which marks Lebanon’s Independence Day,” he praised.

"We cannot blame the people for rising up against the government; they are suffering from economic hardships and major living conditions,” he explained, adding that he finds it surprising that “people kept quiet for 30 years on government’s failure to ensure electricity, infrastructure” and other shortcomings.

“However, the people remained silent for the reason that economic growth rate was relatively bearable due to international aids and others,” he elaborated.

Source: Kataeb.org