Hankache Slams Postponing Parliamentary Consultations

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Hankache Slams Postponing Parliamentary Consultations

“If not Monday, then Thursday,” Hankache derided on Twitter.

“We have plenty of time as people feel comfortable and the country is perfectly fine… Take your time,” Hankache mocked.

“Didn’t you yet understand that Lebanon is above all?” he questioned.

“Lebanon protests against this exact logic,” he concluded.

The lawmaker told MTV channel that postponing consultations leaves the country in a stalemate and is a prevarication to induce further consultations.

“The people are rejecting the partitioning approach. We are going through an exceptional phase and for once we must dare select a new approach,” he advised.

He also outlined the need to form a government of independent specialists and to introduce early Parliamentary elections to produce a fresh political class.

“People’s will is stronger than anything else. Designation won’t take place if officials refuse to listen to people’s demands,” he affirmed.

Hankache stressed that the public is much stronger that all concocted deals occurring today.

Source: Kataeb.org