Dagher Indicates that Diab's New Government Will Be One-Sided

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Dagher Indicates that Diab's New Government Will Be One-Sided

In an interview on Al-Jadeed TV channel, Dagher listed two main problems inflicting Lebanon, first mismanagement, corruption, embezzlement, and second being dragged into regional axes.

He described this government as one that adheres to the “third time’s a charm” rule as the ruling authority refused to be held accountable in both its first and its second “government of settlements”.

“The revolution slogan of ‘All of them means all of them’ subsumes everyone in power including the Kataeb party, clearly conveying that everyone is subject to accountability,” he said, adding that “whomever possesses a corruption file against the party, to put it forward since we are under the judiciary’s authority.”

“All of them, including banks for granting loans to a bankrupt state, are responsible for the first problem; as for the second, we didn’t partake in the settlement because we were aware that the country cannot endure being involved in an axis,” he asserted.

“Placing all the blame of the current situation solely on the covenant is erroneous since everyone in power bears this responsibility,” Dagher explicated.

In response to designating Hassan Diab to form the interim government, Dagher criticized the decision knowing that Diab is not independent and neutral as protests have called for.

He accused Diab of not being neutral given that he was solely named by a single group in power.

“Diab is not the one who is forming the government but rather the covenant since the way he was brought to governance implies a concocted deal,” he said.

“Government configuration will be majorly constructed of one faction with a number of competent and technocrat members,” he deplored.

“Caretaker Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil had expressed his party’s willingness to ascribe part of its share in the government to the revolution; but how can the Free Patriotic Movement have a share in an independent government of specialists?” he questioned.

Dagher called on protesters to redirect the cause to their original demands of government resignation, independent government that would ensure early Parliamentary elections are held to replace the Speaker of the Parliament and would in turn result in a Presidential election.

The Kataeb official indicated that the party was not part of the government for 15 years so as to participate in the corruption scheme but rather to make a difference.

“Kataeb ministers worked really hard when in office and paid a heavy price.”

Source: Kataeb.org