Hankache: We Won't Give Confidence Vote to "Techno-Partitioning" Cabinet

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Hankache: We Won't Give Confidence Vote to

He deemed it as an incompetent, disappointing and unqualified “Techno-partitioning” government that will unlikely be granted the vote of confidence.

“The new government led by PM Hassan Diab is the government of ‘no confidence’ par excellence. Neither the international community nor the Lebanese people can give it the vote of confidence as it does not meet protesters’ demands,” Hankache told Al-Anbaa newspaper.

“Lebanon’s protests repudiated corruption, tenuous financial and economic policies… yet the outcome showed up to be contrary to people’s aspirations,” he blasted.

The Kataeb lawmaker criticized a Cabinet that adopted its precursor’s state budget, toppled down by the street protests.

“How would a reasonable and truthful person grant the vote of confidence to a Cabinet of masks mounted on the partitioning rule, dividing the block of cheese and distributing seats?” he questioned.

He urged parliamentary blocs to govern conscientiously and bear responsibility for their actions.

Source: Kataeb.org