Gemayel: Kataeb MPs to Boycott Parliament Vote of Confidence Session

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“We cannot give our vote of confidence to a government that was formed based on partitioning and that is nothing but a continuation of the previous government,” he asserted during a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“The Kataeb will stand by people’s side in this uprising in rejection of a failed system and approach,” he reiterated.

“Taking part in this session is tantamount to legislating the past approach. We have to be by the revolting people’s side and to heed their demands,” he stated.

Gemayel indicated that the Lebanese state is in a schism with its people, building walls to separate itself and trying to foment sedition and increase sectarian divisions.

“The state is seceding from people’s concerns and interests. The political life in Lebanon is based on personal interests that ended up relinquishing the nation's sovereignty and the state's decision-making power,” he blasted.

“Partitioning political gains and passing deals are the main reasons behind Lebanon's economic crisis and international isolation,” he highlighted.

Gemayel lamented the ruling authority’s refusal to listen to the voice of the people but instead it chose to forcibly impose the same old approach on its citizens.

“The current government is a government of partitioning that adopted the same economic approach as the old one,” he criticized.

“We have put a draft law calling for shortening the Parliament’s mandate which has become the fundamental requirement,” he affirmed.

“You could hold Higher Defense Council meetings and try to scare the people all you want. You can go build as many concrete walls around the Parliament perimeters as you like and do whatever you want; yet, you won’t be able to break the Lebanese people’s will and you won’t be able to stop the youths from all sects from building a new Lebanon,” he hailed.