Parliament Convenes to Discuss Cabinet's Vote of Confidence

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Parliament Convenes to Discuss Cabinet's Vote of Confidence

Local media reported that Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri called on the session to be initiated after the official timing of the session at 11 a.m had passed.

Berri started the session as he informed attending MPs that the Future Movement and the Lebanese Forces lawmakers are on their way to take part in the General Assembly.

Information obtained by the Kataeb website indicated that the Parliament session was held unconstitutionally without securing full quorum of 65 MPs for the session to be held.

It was only afterward that 66 MPs were in attendance in the General Assembly with the Progressive Socialist Party lawmakers securing quorum.

Despite public objection, the General Assembly convened and shortly after, Prime Minister Hassan Diab read out his government's policy statement, based on which, MPs would give or deny its confidence.

“The Government will carry out an emergency plan before the end of the month,” Diab assured.

He stated that necessary but harsh measures will be featured over the course of three stages of one hundred days, a year and three years.

“Anyone who thinks that they will survive any economic collapse or from people’s anger is wrong. Let’s acknowledge that restoring trust is guided by a long path of honest dialogue and is proved with actions, not promises,” Diab told the MPs.

“Lebanon is facing economic, financial, monetary, social, living condition, asphyxiating environmental and existential crises,” he noted, outlining the need for an integral program of an emergency rescue plan and reformatory measures to save the country.

“A rescue plan would not thrive without taking practical steps such as reducing interest rates on loans and deposits in order to revive the economy and minimize the cost of debt,” he added.