Gemayel: Cabinet, Parliament Have Fallen Under the Test of Popular Legitimacy

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Gemayel: Cabinet, Parliament Have Fallen Under the Test of Popular Legitimacy

“We are living under the dictatorship of the ruling mafia that is violating the constitution and laws,” Gemayel told 'Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath' news channel.

He noted that the new Cabinet is but a front or mask to the political class that has led the country to this crisis.

“Our stance about the new government is clear; it will carry on with the same old approach,” he said, highlighting that it is a government of partitioning deals within the ruling class as well as relinquishing the state’s decision-making power to others who are dragging the country into regional conflicts that are negatively affecting it.

“120 days of protest signal a schism between the state and the revolting people who are repudiating the ruling authority’s approach,” he said, outlining the controversial constitutionality of Tuesday’s Parliament vote of confidence session.

The Kataeb leader reiterated his rejection of yesterday’s unconstitutional session since the General Assembly convened before securing full quorum of 65 MPs.

“This is a grave violation. We’ve pointed at it while others tried to deny it,” he said, adding that the party is mulling over a challenge to contest the session’s constitutionality.

“Our role as an opposition force is to remain on the lookout for any breaches and to enforce accountability, in addition, to backing up the Lebanese uprising,” he stated.

Gemayel explained that he does not expect any support from Arab or international countries to the newly elected government, now dubbed ‘the Hezbollah government’.

“Political parties’ opposition is tailor-cut to meet their own interests given that they were part of the inauspicious settlement,” he slammed, adding that “Lebanon needs true opposition rather than an opportunistic one.”

He urged the Lebanese people to compel their representatives to hold early parliamentary elections just as they were able to overthrow the government with their perseverance.