Sayegh Cautions Against Confrontation If Early Elections Are Not Held

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Sayegh Cautions Against Confrontation If Early Elections Are Not Held

“The Central Bank governor may not pull himself out of the political organization. In reality, his work is connected to that of political forces,” he told NBN TV channel.

“Suspicious transactions were reported inside banks, such as smuggling money abroad, which signal a moral issue,” he condemned.

Sayegh alleged collusion between political class and overseeing bank personnel on public deposits.

He commented on the International Monetary Fund technical team visit to Lebanon on Thursday, assuming that Banque du Liban reserves fell by $30 billion which calls for an urgent rescue plan or else to proceed to privatization of State property.

“We must accept free donations from any willing country, unless they were soft loans,”

“In Iran’s case, we must thoroughly study the repercussions of such ratification,” he explained.

The Kataeb official described the presidential settlement as ominous, affirming the Kataeb party’s rejection of it.

“The settlement was an intersection of interests between Hezbollah and the US,” he said, accusing Hezbollah of corruption and of assuming the decision-making power.

He called for making structural change in the political system and the performance of politicians.

Sayegh renewed his call for shortening the Parliament’s mandate and for holding early parliamentary elections.

“The current government is but an extension of its predecessor and the ministerial statement is a drab version of that of the former Cabinet,” he blasted.

He pointed out at the absence of a practical clear roadmap that would meet people’s demands in Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s Cabinet.