Sayegh Denounces Non-state Actors within Lebanese State

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Sayegh Denounces Non-state Actors within Lebanese State

During an interview on Tele Liban TV channel, Sayegh accused the current government of adhering to Hezbollah’s axis which led to the Gulf countries cutting off Lebanon altogether, outlining that it is not a government of experts.

Sayegh indicated that the Central Bank governor, Banks’ association and the President hold a joint responsibility for the presidential settlement’s outcome.

“They’ve agreed on a settlement that decides how the country would be managed. Its repercussions had led the country’s bankruptcy,” he slammed.

“Debt restructuring signals a deferred payment of the Eurobond, accompanied by serious reforms in order for the International Monetary Fund agrees to help the country,” Sayegh argued.

“The ruling system in the past years has dragged the country into bankruptcy along with random employment taking place,” he said.

“A course of action must be set to ensure the independence of the judiciary and to safeguard it both internationally and nationally,” he cautioned, highlighting that the judicial authority must prove that its decisions are not clouded to regain the international community’s trust.

He hailed protesters who took their demands to the streets, criticizing popular movements by the Free Patriotic Movement supporters whose political party extended the Central Bank governor, Riad Salameh’s term.

He stressed that the Kataeb party is an opposition cultural resistance force in protest against the existing approach and the way the country is being managed.

“We reject the presence of a non-state faction inside the state”

He called supporters to participate in a sit-in to call for holding early parliamentary elections tomorrow in Sassine, Achrafieh.