Gemayel Stresses Party’s Firmness In Pursuing Their Struggle, Blaming Authority for Current Situation

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“We’re not afraid of anyone and such acts will only make us stronger and more determined in facing all sort of corruption,’’ Gemayel said during a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.
Gemayel accused the current political authority as well as the Lebanese banks of wasting people’s money and misusing them, saying that they are the ones to blame for everything that is happening today.
‘’The Lebanese citizen is the only victim that has the right to hold the ruling system accountable,’’ he said.
The Kataeb leader blamed Hezbollah for causing an economic crisis in Lebanon as a result of its performance, saying that he has put the whole country at risk because of its participation in the region wars.
‘’Hezbollah is the main barrier for the country’s recovery today. It is the one holding the government’s decision and has the ability in taking all the economic decisions related to the required reforms,’’ he added.
Gemayel stressed the Lebanese need to hold early parliamentary elections, saying that the country is facing a historical phase everyone should be aware of.
‘’Either Lebanon stands on its feet again or we will lose the country for ever,’’ he said.
The Kataeb leader called on the Lebanese citizens to take the necessary measures and precautions in facing the new Coronavirus, saying that it is not an easy matter and should not be underestimated.
“There is no sufficient awareness about the Coronavirus disease in Lebanon. Thus, we must be very aware and protect ourselves,” he said.