Kataeb Party Blames Certain Components for Lebanon's Collapse

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Kataeb Party Blames Certain Components for Lebanon's Collapse

The Kataeb party on Wednesday stressed that the Lebanese will no longer remain silent about the ongoing collapse plaguing the country, saying that people’s taking to the streets despite the coronavirus outbreak is nothing but clear evidence that they had enough.

“The Lebanese people will not refrain from pressuring the government to achieve its demands that were made clear in the October 17 Revolution,” said a statement issued by the party’s political bureau following its weekly meeting that was held online.

“The demands that lie on referring to the people’s will and developing a new authority through early parliamentary elections," it added.

The party accused the current ruling authority of wasting the country’s money on shady deals and quotas, saying that the Central Bank has contributed in nurturing the government’s greed and failure by supplying it with depositors’ funds.

“The political authority along with BDL and Hezbollah are the parts to blame for the country’s collapse,” the statement said.

The political bureau called on the government to provide a comprehensive and studied survey to diagnose the extent of the coronavirus’ spread and the active pathological conditions, stressing the need to keep children and elderly people safe at home so as to secure the necessary balance between the economic wheel restoration and the health safety.

The party praised the efforts exerted by all the workers who are suffering today to provide for their families as a result of the economic situation plaguing the country, calling on the State to pay attention to their needs in the hope that this stage will pass with minimal damage.

Source: Kataeb.org