Sayegh: Coronavirus Gave the State a Grace Period; Revolution Is Returning Stronger Than Ever

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Sayegh: Coronavirus Gave the State a Grace Period; Revolution Is Returning Stronger Than Ever

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Friday stressed that Coronavirus pandemic has gave the State a grace period or else people would have took to the streets dissatisfied with how things are being mismanaged, saying that the revolution will be back stronger than ever to demand for early parliamentary elections.

“Holding early parliamentary elections is the one thing required from the government which it never achieved,” Sayegh said in an interview with New TV.

"We are under an anarchist rule; there is a confusion in the matter of managing and facing poverty between ministries, between Interior Affairs, Prime Minister and eventually the Defense Ministry. The World Bank is despair and do no longer want to help Lebanon in this issue,” he added.

Sayegh stressed that the national interest in approving the amnesty law is to keep wars behind, saying that not all criminals should be classified in the same category.

“The issue of deportees to Israel is not a Christian issue as the majority of the people who went there belong to the Shiite community,” he noted.

“This matter should have been tackled from a national perspective rather than a sectarian one and that a national reconciliation would take place,” he added.

“The one who has dealt with the enemy and was receiving responsibilities should not be included in the amnesty law, but collective punishment is unacceptable, whether by law or by any other custom,” he stressed.

Sayegh deemed standing in front of the Parliament and defending laws as the core of exercising freedoms, saying that Lebanon’s democratic life must continue.

“Nothing prevents the Lebanese government from regulating food aid and it does not need any legislation. When necessary it has the right use money and provide for people,” he pointed out.

Sayegh stressed that the Lebanese citizen do no longer trust the Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh who reassured that country is not bankrupt, wondering how no one has ever mentioned how to returned the stolen State funds.

Sayegh emphasized that there are modern technologies that can be adopted through towers, radars and drones so as to control borders, saying that what the Lebanese army lacks is that they allow it to do so.