Kataeb Party Says Lebanese Are Capable of Making a Change

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Kataeb Party Says Lebanese Are Capable of Making a Change

Kataeb party on Tuesday stressed that Lebanon is now in need of a comprehensive change process that would rebuild the country that people have always been dreaming of, saying that the Lebanese are capable of bringing the needed change and restore their free and dignified lives.

“The Lebanese people are called today to renew their rejection for the corrupted authority that is controlling the country’s capacities and capabilities,” said a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following their weekly meeting that was held online.

“This is what they will be proving on Saturday on the Lebanese arenas,” the statement added.

“The Kataeb have been following the path of change for years and will not retreat until they achieve their goals starting with the production of a new legislative authority that emerges from people’s confidence through early parliamentary elections that would take place as soon as possible to reconfigure all powers again,” it affirmed.

The Political Bureau stressed that the government’s ongoing evasiveness in dealing with the international community whether in the wrong figures submitted to the International Monetary Fund or in the required reforms that hasn’t yet started with, will take Lebanon to more isolation as well as a financial and economic deterioration, namely in light of the international sanctions that follow due to Hezbollah's adventures that now control the country’s entire official decision.


Source: Kataeb.org