Gemayel: No Change Except with Holding Early Parliamentary Elections

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Gemayel: No Change Except with Holding Early Parliamentary Elections

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Saturday stressed there no change will occur unless early parliamentary elections will be held, deeming it as the only way for the Lebanese to restore their decision.

"Today’s demonstration is a continuation to the October 17 revolution and holding early parliamentary elections is one of the three big titles the party has been and still calling for," Gemayel told LBCI.

“We will voice our stance regarding Hezbollah’s weapons elsewhere; the Martyrs Square today is for the common demands that unite all the Lebanese,” he said.

“There have been many attempts since last Sunday by the authority and its groups to penetrate the revolution and make rumors that there is a difference in the Lebanese' demands from people calling for the implementation of the 1559 Resolution to Hezbollah’s disarmament,” he added. affirming that all of this is not true.

“We did not and will not deviate from the basic demands we have always been calling  for starting with changing the way of political action to restoring the decision to the Lebanese people so they can decide their fate again,“ he pointed out.

“This will be achieved either by the violent revolution or by elections. There is no third option for change in Lebanon.”

Gemayel affirmed that the Kataeb party is still adhering to all the revolution's demands from fighting corruption to forming a neutral government and an independent Judiciary, deeming early parliamentary elections as the solutions to all these problems.

“The Parliament is the decision-making authority in the country as it produces a government and passes an electoral law."