Gemayel Calls for Achieving Lebanon's Complete Sovereignty, Equality Through System Development

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Gemayel Calls for Achieving Lebanon's Complete Sovereignty, Equality Through System Development

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday stressed that the October 17 Revolution is starting all over again, saying that this what has frightened the authority on Saturday’s protest and led to throwing baseless slogans.

“There have been many attempts carried out by the authority and its groups to penetrate the Martyrs’ Square protest and scare people to prevent them from participating in the demonstration,” Gemayel said in an interview with LBCI.

“They will never succeed in their scheme because the Lebanese have no choice but change,” he noted.

“The October 17 Revolution has tried to make reconciliation between all the Lebanese but such thing does not lie in the authority’s best interest as people will start questioning officials about their performances,” he added.

The Kataeb leader affirmed that they have been a great support to the revolution since day one, saying that they are against any violent revolution.

“The authority is the one that has imposed the headlines of the 1559 Resolution and raised the issue of Hezbollah’s weapons during the protest in a bid to stir conflicts among protesters,” he pointed out.

Gemayel deemed Hezbollah’s weapons as an obstacle in front of building the State, saying that the revolution threatens the way they manage the country and their control over the Lebanese decision.

“Hezbollah is an armed militia that imposes itself on the Lebanese and dominates the State,” he said.

“The current system has failed and the party's arms have contributed in the constitution’s failure,” he pointed out.

Gemayel stressed that calling for Lebanon’s sovereignty is ongoing, saying that the real battle starts with lifting Hezbollah’s control over the Lebanese decision.

The Kataeb leader deemed holding early parliamentary elections as key for change, saying it is the only way to overcome the country's problems.

“Our duty is to restore the decision to the Lebanese people,” he said.

“This Parliament can’t offer anything to the Lebanese; it can no longer decide on their behalf,” he noted.

“Thus, the only logic is to let the Lebanese decide what they want.”

The Kataeb leader stressed that they have full confidence in the Lebanese people, affirming that they will rise during the parliamentary elections.

“It is time for new people to enter the Parliament and introduce structural change,” he said.

“According to international statistics, almost 46% of the Lebanese will not vote for the same lawmakers they have voted for in the last elections.”

Gemayel accused the government of neglecting the Lebanese people demands and needs, saying that it hasn't taken any decisions in the last period to help them during the economy crisis the country is going through.

“The problem with the International Monetary Fund is that the State has provided different figures from the ones of the Central Bank,” he said.

“We would never be able to hold the authority accountable except when the State can protect its citizens that they do not have to resort to parties to protect them,” he confirmed.

“What is required today is to achieve the State’s complete sovereignty and equality between people, develop the political system to ensure stability and equality and finally change all officials who take advantage of us and make deals at people’s expenses,” he said.