Gemayel Addressing Nasrallah: You Don't Have the Right to Decide the Lebanese People's Future

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Gemayel Addressing Nasrallah: You Don't Have the Right to Decide the Lebanese People's Future

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday stressed that no one has the right to decide the future of the Lebanese people and their fate, saying that it is them who create power through holding early parliamentary elections and forming a new government.

“Lebanon is paying the price of Hezbollah’s policy outside its will by the force of arms,” Gemayel said during a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“The remarks of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah indicate that there is no answer to the financial and economic crisis the Lebanese are going through,” he added.

“The solution he proposed seemed to be resorting to the reluctant economic logic as in the case of reluctant countries such as Iran, Syria and Venezuela,” he noted.

“Technically, Nasrallah’s speech means that there is no investment in the country and that we are now out of the global economy, devoting our international and Arab isolation and turning into a country without ambition and luxury,” he added.

“Is it allowed for a certain Lebanese faction to decide on behalf of all the Lebanese people?” he asked.

Gemayel accuses Hezbollah of the economic crisis the country has reached, holding also the Central Bank and the ruling authority responsible for the chaos prevailing over the country.

“No, we are not agents; we are patriots and all what we are asking for is to change the current political class and build a new country the Lebanese people aspire to,” he said addressing Nasrallah.

“We will not be dragged into sectarian talk and self-security; we will always defend our right to live only with the presence of the Lebanese army weapons only,” he said.

Gemayel called on the authority not to underestimate the Lebanese' intelligence, urging people to always stay united and seek change.