Gemayel Calls for a Neutral Lebanon Through Forming a Lebanese Comprehensive Movement

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Gemayel Calls for a Neutral Lebanon Through Forming a Lebanese Comprehensive Movement

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel called for free parliamentary elections that would be held under an international supervision so as to restore the Lebanese people’s decision-making, saying that only them have the right to decide their future, namely after everything that has happened in the last period.

“It is time for a new mentality to take over in Lebanon, through forming a Lebanese comprehensive movement that carries, with one voice, the hope and the dream of a neutral, open and modern Lebanon. A true State of law in which every citizen enjoys his rights, Gemayel said in an interview with TV5 Monde.

“We will succeed in making a real change no matter what,” he added.

Gemayel stressed that the current Parliament has proved its failure in handling the country’s major issues, namely the blast that has rocked the Beirut port city in early August, saying that for that reason they have submitted their resignation.

“The parties that constitute the majority of the current Parliament are the ones that are directly responsible for how things have recently turned out in the country, whether it was on the economic, politics or social levels,” he said.

“As an opposition force, we are convinced that there is no mean to change from inside the Parliament, thus we have decided to separate ourselves from the political class and join the popular movement,” he pointed out.

The Kataeb leader accused Hezbollah of controlling the country, saying that the so-called agreement it made back in 2015 with a certain political class is the one that has led the country to the current stage it is facing today.

“Things started to fall apart since then, and the economic crisis completely erupted which has led to the current political, economic and social crisis we are going through today,” he noted.