Gemayel Following Meeting with Durel: This Current Political 'Gang' Is Unable of Saving Lebanon

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Gemayel Following Meeting with Durel: This Current Political 'Gang' Is Unable of Saving Lebanon

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Friday met with the French President's Middle East advisor Patrick Durel in Bickfaya, with talks featuring high on the latest developments in Lebanon, namely the parliamentary elections and ties between both France and Lebanon.

“This current 'gang' is unable of saving Lebanon,” Gemayel said following his meeting with Durel, affirming that they will not accept, in any way, any delay in holding the parliamentary elections.

“France is trying to help the Lebanese people by all means even though officials show no response whatsoever,” he added.

“The Lebanese officials have done nothing except stalling in abiding to the reform promises and adopting a plan that would help save Lebanon from the disasters it is going through,” he pointed out.

"The government's formation varies in terms of quotas and mutual conditions while people are suffering and youth are migrating in light of historical crisis," he noted.

Gemayel hailed all the efforts exerted by France’s President Emmanuel in helping Lebanon overcome its current obstacles, stressing that there is no rescue for Lebanon with this corrupted political class controlling the country.

“As long as there is no government capable of restoring the Lebanese and the International community’s confidence, there will be neither reforms nor rescue,” he pointed out.

“The reforms required are in the interest of Lebanon, the Lebanese, the public finances and transparency,” he added.

"The Kataeb party will pursue its struggle along all those who seek change in face of this system," he stressed.

The meeting was also attended by the French ambassador to Lebanon, Anne Grillo, Kataeb political bureau member Joelle Bou Abboud and the party's International Affairs Officer, Marwan Abdallah.