Gemayel Meets with British Ambassador, Voices Fear over Any Postponement of the Parliamentary Elections

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday voiced fear over any postponement in the parliamentary elections, blaming the current ruling political class for covering up their failure in a bid to lead the country into a state of tension.

“We fear that the debate that took place in the Parliament would have been used as a way to distract the attention on the authority’s negligence and failure in running the country as well as helping the Lebanese to form a government and ensuring a real control over the Central Bank’s accounts, the State’s accounts and providing the necessary transparency through forensic audit,” Gemayel said following his meeting with British ambassador to Lebanon Chris Rampling at his office in Bickfaya.

Gemayel warned that these practiced games have now become exposed, hoping for all efforts to be focused to the side of Lebanon’s friends so as to restore the country, heal the Lebanese wounds and transport Lebanon democratically, peacefully and institutionally to a new and prosperous stage that matches the Lebanese people’s aspirations in building a better country.

The Kataeb leader praised the efforts and support exerted by the British government in helping Lebanon, namely the Lebanese army.

“The LAF is counting a lot on your support and want to thank you in the name of all the Lebanese people for everything that your government has been doing for the past years, which is not new,” Gemayel said.

“We want to also thank you for the humanitarian support that you are providing through the international NGO’s to the Lebanese people in this tough situation that we are going through and also on the education levels and to the schools,” he added.

“We have an experience with you as we know. We have voted the free textbooks for the public schools few years back. It was a draft law that we presented, that was voted, and it was financed by the British government,” he stressed.

For his part, the British ambassador to Lebanon Chris Rampling voiced his country’s ongoing support for Lebanon, saying that despite the hard situation the Lebanese are going through the UK will always stand by them.

“Thank you very much to his excellency for hosting me here today, my first time in this building,” Rampling said.

“As always, there is an enormous amount for us to talk about, the current situation prevailing over Lebanon, the current economic crisis, the situation post blast and the importance of the authorities taking responsibility of accountability, of transparency post blast, the best place forward and the importance of the practical steps,” he added.

“The other thing I just wanted to convey to his excellency but also more broadly is the importance that the UK places on support for the Lebanese people at this time, the most vulnerable and enormous pressure and one of the things we have particularly talked about are the pressures on the most vulnerable here, including the Lebanese and other nationalities as well as the importance of insuring that the security situation remains stable,” he concluded.

The meeting was also attended by former Economy Minister Alain Hakim, Kataeb’s foreign relations affairs coordinator Marwan Abdallah and Chief of staff, Bruno Attieh.