Kataeb Party Warns from Ruining State's Remaining Strategic Reserves

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Kataeb Party Warns from Ruining State's Remaining Strategic Reserves

The Kataeb party on Tuesday deemed the Parliament as the sole responsible for legislation and holding accountability, saying that it does not have any decision-making authority that would allow it to implement its recommendation except the government's formation.

“The only requirement today is the acceleration in forming an independent government that it is capable of taking decisions and implementing them,” read a statement issued following the Kataeb political bureau weekly meeting held online.

The party warned from any authority’s attempt to control what is left from the State’s strategic reserves such as the mandatory reserves or the State’s property or even the gold stocks which mainly belong to the Lebanese people’s property so as to cover up their thefts and their crimes.

“This would be considered as the greatest crime against the country, the Lebanese and the future generation and it will lead to destroy any hope that would help in the country’s development,” it added.

The Kataeb blamed the ruling politcal class for neglecting its responsibility towards the Lebanese youth that are struggling to survive without any support, stressing that the political bureau has offered hundreds of appeals from students abroad who were stranded without money, and some of them were threatened with staying overnight in the street after the banks had seized their families' money.


Source: Kataeb.org