Change Blows in the USJ Students Elections

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Change Blows in the USJ Students Elections

The will of change has made its way at the Saint Joseph University through the students’ elections and has exposed new faces from outside the current ruling system that has been prevailing over the country for the past 10 years.

The 'students of change' have achieved big results in these elections and that is considered as a continuation to a path that has started at other universities.

This win comes after a year full of mass protests and popular movements in a revolution that has turned things upside down, has encouraged the Lebanese to see the truth and get rid of the current political corrupted class.

The Unified Students Movement on Thursday announced the winning of its candidates in the lists that are supported by the Kataeb and independent students at the Saint Joseph University elections.

The Candidates who won are the following:

-Faculty of Business: Candidates Mario Yammine and Mohammad Natour

-Faculty of Law: Candidates Joelle Jbeily and Charbel Abi Karam

-Faculty of Engineering: Candidate Patrick Jeaara

-Faculty of Economy: Candidates Elie Hajjar, Gaelle Chidiac, Georgio Rizk and Vanessa Kajouni

-Business Administration Institute: Candidates Zeina Ayyad and Miriam Abi Rached

- Legal midwifery Faculty: Celine Daou