Lebanese Parties, Movements, Associations Call Current Authority to Leave

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Lebanese Parties, Movements, Associations Call Current Authority to Leave

A joint statement was issued on Thursday by numerous Lebanese parties, movements and associations, mutually calling for the current ruling authority to leave.

The statement was issued by the Kataeb party, the National Civil Front, Nabad AlJanoub Al-Montafed, the Independence Movement, Rebels, Likaa Techrin, AnaKhatAhmar, Aamieh17october and Minteshreen.

“The current system is making us choose between two terrible options. Either to lift subsidies on basic goods or to resort to the mandatory reserves at the Central Bank,” the statement said.

“According to International reports, the poverty rate in Lebanon has reached 55% with a rate of 23% of extreme poverty with the disastrous consequences of that on social classes, namely the middle and poor classes,” it added.

The statement stressed that the “system” of weapons, corruption and sectarianism can never be entrusted with any money due to its failure and ongoing corruption, saying that it will never be able to solve the country’s problems as it never listens to the people’s needs and sufferings.

“The key to implement any rescue and reform plan begins with eradicating this authority as a whole after it has lost both the Lebanese and International societies’ confidence and proved its failure in forming a new government that would rescue the country and restore the trust,” the statement said.

“We call on the Lebanese people to refuse both suggested options and to express it by all democratic and peaceful means until this corruoted system leaves as well as to hold it accountable for all the crimes that have led the Lebanese to starvation,” it added.


Source: Kataeb.org