Hakim Says Lifting Subsidies Will Include All Goods

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Hakim Says Lifting Subsidies Will Include All Goods

Former Economy Minister and Kataeb Political Bureau Party member Alain Hakim on Friday stressed that the solution to Lebanon’s economic problems lies in introducing foreign currencies to the Lebanese markets and restoring trust into the Lebanese financial markets, saying that the subsidies policy is nothing but an ‘anesthesia’ to the Lebanese citizen.

“The problem today is that we have a corrupted authority. An authority that must leave as soon as possible,” Hakim told Alliwaa newspaper.

“The total subsidies will take place as long as there is no liquidity that enters the country,” he affirmed.

Hakim stressed that the current system is carrying out security responses towards the Lebanese citizens without creating any solutions, saying that it is possible to adopt a solution based on supporting agreements with others countries so as to secure goods at cheaper price.

“The Kataeb party will not stand idly while taking its support from the Lebanese. The party has previously suggested more than one solution and issued many statements,” he added

Source: Kataeb.org