Kataeb Party Slams Unjustified Delay in Importing Coronavirus Vaccine

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Kataeb Party Slams Unjustified Delay in Importing Coronavirus Vaccine

The Kataeb party on Tuesday slammed the unjustified stalling that has delayed the import of coronavirus vaccines, saying that such delay does nothing except putting the Lebanese’ lives at risk and in front of a very dangerous epidemic reality.

“Whereas the neighboring countries have secured the vaccination for a large number of their people, the Lebanese are still waiting and witnessing daily death due to the system’s failure that did not succeed in making a fateful decision in its due time,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting.

The Political Bureau reiterated call to expand the range of serious contacts with the international and national importing companies so as to secure the types and numbers required for vaccines in the public and private sector, in cooperation with hospital institutions and the World Health Organization, urging for immediate participation of national and international medical references in all import and distribution steps.

“We call the United Nations to consider Lebanon as a country of a low economic and social class due to the collapse of its economic and financial indicators, and to secure the largest number of vaccines at the lowest cost according to the GAVI classification, in a bid to achieve the lowest levels of health and social justice,” the statement added.

The Kataeb deemed the government’s formation issue as a mere farce, blaming officials for their lack of responsibility in properly handling this file and leading the country to an inevitable suicide.

“We warn against these irresponsible actions that have prompted all the neighboring countries to turn their back away from Lebanon and to leave it to its fate, while what is required is for this system to lift its grip on the Lebanese and their decision,” it said.

“The current political class’ duty today is to go form an independent government and to establish a plan aiming at bringing money into the country in a bid to save its economy instead of threatening to lift subsidies on goods to starve the Lebanese,” it pointed out.

The party began its meeting with a minute of silence to honor the death of its third deputy president Camille Tawil who died last week after a battle with coronavirus.



Source: Kataeb.org