Lebanese Oppostion Forces Tackle Ways to Restore Kidnapped State

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Lebanese Oppostion Forces Tackle Ways to Restore Kidnapped State

Many Lebanese groups, parties and forces known as the ‘opposition forces’ held a meeting on Thursday, with talks featuring high on the latest developments in Lebanon, namely the mafia and militia alliance as well as the State’s failure in properly handling the Lebanese’ problems.

The opposition forces include: KhatAhmar, Likaa Techrin, the Independence Movement, Takaddom, Rebels, TMT, Nabad al-Janoun al-Montafed, North Rebels Union, The Third Republic Kataeb Party, the Lebanese Gathering, in France.

The opposition groups stressed the need to coordinate efforts in the confrontation to restore the kidnapped State and its sovereignty as well as to save it from the collapse the country has today reached, blaming the ruling system for squandering the Lebanese’s rights and their resources, including their maritime wealth.

“The national duty requires the immediate approval of the decree amending the maritime borders in the South, as well as moving in all directions to confront the flagrant aggression in the North,” said a joint statement issued by the opposition forces.

“Facing the organically interconnected corruption mafia and arms militia system requires a political front on the level of these challenges that has a clear project and program of action, through which it can form an alternative to this system and restore the state from it,” it added.

“A front that would be able to send hope to the Lebanese people who are looking for an alternative to the authority of corruption, weapons and criminality of all kinds, and to awaken their forces in confrontation politically and popularly in all future events.”


Source: Kataeb.org