Kataeb Party Calls on Lawmakers to Resign Immediately

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Kataeb Party Calls on Lawmakers to Resign Immediately

The Kataeb party on Tuesday called on Lebanese lawmakers to resign immediately, reiterating need to form a government that would prepare for parliamentary elections.

“The situation will not change as long as there is a Parliament that is surrendering to Hezbollah’s will, that is uncapable to halt the ongoing violations and that is losing the national legitimacy,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting, warning against any attempt to obstruct the elections.

The political bureau stressed that the country’s first fence is its borders which is the symbol of sovereignty, affirming that the prevailing chaos today confirms the blatant conspiracy between the mafia and the militia to transform the country into a failed State as well as dragging it into plans that serve external interests at the expense of the country's identity and its historical role.

“Borders are fragile from North to South, the smuggling is prevailing over the West and the Captagon factories are flourishing, while the institutions are confiscated, starting from the Parliament to the Judiciary and security agencies, which are being explored by the system parties that have handed over the country and its people to Hezbollah to carry out its big cross-border wars,” the statement added.

The party held the system responsible for the fate of the Lebanese working in the Gulf States and their families, and the fate of the Lebanese farmers who found their goods diminished before their eyes in light of an unprecedented economic hardship.

On the anniversary of the Syrian army withdrawal from the Lebanese territories, the party stressed that the achievement made by the Lebanese came as a result of a long and steady struggle, saying that the country’s liberation comes at the hands of the honorable and sovereign Lebanese who are united in the face of seizing their country.



Source: Kataeb.org