Gemayel Stresses Need to Form a Transitional Government

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Gemayel Stresses Need to Form a Transitional Government

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday stressed the need to form a transitional government that would halt the collapse the country is today experiencing, calling on the international community to keep pace and to hold all those responsible accountable.

“Nineteen months have passed on the October 17 revolution, nine months on the Beirut port explosion, the resignation of Hassan Diab’s government and yet the collapse is ongoing,” Gemayel told MTV.

“Reserves are ending and we will soon reach a problem of subsidies,” he said.

“Lebanon’s face is changing and we are moving towards a model that resembles to Iran, Venezuela and Syria’s model,” he added, voicing regret that no one is capable to forming a government would stop this deterioration.

“We are facing today a phase that needs a clear plan from the opposition and would be formed against this system and its pillars, the armed militia, which is Hezbollah, its sponsor and the political mafia cooperating with it since the presidential settlement deal on the other hand,” he pointed out.