Gemayel Slams Nasrallah Latest Speech, Says Lebanon Is Held Hostage

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Gemayel Slams Nasrallah Latest Speech, Says Lebanon Is Held Hostage

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday lambasted the remarks made by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah in his latest speech, blaming him for holding Lebanon and the Lebanese as hostages in policies and paths that have nothing to do with the country.

“It is strange for Nasrallah to stand in a position of confrontation with the State, given that he has the parliamentary majority, his ally is President Michel Aoun and has a caretaker government that is from his making,” Gemayel said in an interview with Al-Horra channel.

“Those in charge of the State today, which are the system, the militia alliance and the mafia, are responsible for what the country has reached,” he said, accusing them of preventing the establishment of the State and the restoration of people’s decision through early elections.

Gemayel said that Nasrallah spoke as he is the country's President, pointing out that with his words and decisions, he is breaking the sanctions resolution against Iran and exposes Lebanon to sanctions.

“The government's propaganda wants to despair the people and convince them that change is not possible, and this is a part of the strategy of people's moral assassination,” he noted.

“Any elections will lead to a structural change in Lebanon, so they are trying to obstruct them. Otherwise, why wait and postpone the elections as long as they trust themselves?”

"There is no electoral law that can stand in the way of a people who seeks change,” he added, calling for an international supervision of the elections as results might be falsified.

The Kataeb leader deemed parliamentary elections as a necessity, saying that there is no more time to waste as the authority must be reconfigured as soon as possible.

"In Lebanon, there is only one decision, which is Hezbollah, and if it wanted to form a government, it would have been formed, but it is immersed in the Vienna negotiations and has other explanations,” he said.