Dagher Says Lebanese' Responsibility Is to Change the Change Forces

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Dagher Says Lebanese' Responsibility Is to Change the Change Forces

Kataeb Secretary General Serge Dagher on Monday deemed the era of President Michel Aoun as the worst era in the Lebanese history, describing it as the era of nightmare.

“For the first time, Lebanon has become a bankrupt State, the dollar exchange rate has overcome L.L.15,000 and the Lebanese people are emigrating tremendously,” Dagher said in an interview with Sawt Beirut International.

Dagher deemed the mafia and militia alliance as the main reason behind the deteriorated situation the country is currently facing, affirming that the humiliation the Lebanese people are experiencing every day is due to this corrupt ruling elite.

“Everyone is destroying Lebanon including Hezbollah, the mafias, the Shiite coalition, the Christian coalition, the Druze majority as well as the Sunni majority,” he pointed out.

“The Kataeb party is not a part of the political structure and we have no intention to be part of it. We have always been an opposition front and we presented solutions,” he noted.

“There is coordination with a number of opposition fronts so as to present unified lists to hold the elections. There will be a unified list for the opposition in Lebanon from the far North to the far South,” he said.

“The Lebanese’ responsibility is to choose their representatives after 10 months so as to make the needed change and to restore our beloved Lebanon,” Dagher concluded.


Source: Kataeb.org