Exclusive: United Nations Explains Nature of Document Distributed to Employees in Lebanon

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The United Nations on Thursday stressed that the document currently being circulated and distributed to the organization's employees in Lebanon, citing the necessity of supplying gasoline for two weeks and medicine for two months is not the first of its kind.

A UN high-ranking source told Kataeb.org website that this document is a periodical publication, as the United Nations’ security management system is in continuous contact with the organization's staff, and it is not the first time that it asks them to take such measures, namely as the country is going through such critical conditions.

According to the source, the main reason for sending such bulletins is that there are foreigners among the United Nations' staff and some of them don't follow up the news periodically according to the nature of their work and the tasks assigned to them.

“Thus, the organization finds that it is its duty to warn when there is a special situation such as the one Lebanon is currently going through economically and politically,” it added.


Source: Kataeb.org