Gemayel: The Opposition Unity Led to Great Victory

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Gemayel:  The Opposition Unity Led to Great Victory

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday deemed the ruling elite as the one responsible for the deteriorated situation currently prevailing over the country, affirming that the Lebanese people are paying the price of officials’ lack of responsibility.

“The Lebanese people are experiencing difficult circumstances and yesterday’s Order of engineers preliminary elections have proved that the Lebanese seek change and accountability,” Gemayel said in an interview with Al-Hadath channel.

“The Kataeb party yesterday was a part of the opposition alliance, we were partners in the battle and the unity we had has lead to a great victory,” he pointed out.

Gemayel stressed that the opposition front aims to eliminate this ruling class that is taking the country to the edge of collapse, by stressing on having parliamentary elections to achieve the needed change.

“There is a system that gave up to Hezbollah and voted for Michel Aoun, this system is composed of all the parties of this ruling class that we have opposed,” he added.

“This system stealed the Lebanese’ money and handed the decisions of the country to Hezbollah,” Gemayel concluded.