Sayegh: Change Will Be Achieved During Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

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Sayegh: Change Will Be Achieved During Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

Kataeb party's Deputy President Selim Sayegh on Sunday stressed that change will definitely be achieved through the upcoming parliamentary elections, saying that the International community will not leave Lebanon behind.

“The Lebanese people today are in a state of anger, as they feel that they are unable to change their fate, hence the importance of the organized and live forces show in politics,” Sayegh told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“Lebanon’s resurrection would be achieved without the presence of Hezbollah’s weapons,” he affirmed.

"It is necessary to move from the phase of humanitarian aid in Lebanon to the phase of prosperity, and here is the role of the Kataeb party that presents to the United Nations a complete file on how to overcome the current situation,” he added.

Sayegh stressed that the French recommendation that came out to the public has formed an international and European public opinion about Lebanon, which will result in a series of steps, and this is what made Hezbollah enter a state of anxiety.

"Hezbollah and those behind it are occupying Lebanon by force and they have failed to manage their occupation. You could not present any model of success, so it is the time to today for all of us to be humble so that the Lebanese citizen can live in peace,” he said.

Sayegh accused Hezbollah as the ultimate commander in Lebanon, saying that he is currently elusive linking the internal file to regional and international negotiations.

“Hezbollah is not an absolute force, but rather linked in the Levant, and therefore linked to the interests of Russia, which does not want a complete collapse in Lebanon."