Gemayel : We Seek Powerful People to Bring Back Our Country

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Gemayel : We Seek Powerful People to Bring Back Our Country

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday stressed the need to build a new Lebanon based on honesty and truth, saying that the Lebanese people won’t accept living as if they are defeated.

“We want to live equally in a civilized and neutral country," Gemayel said during the oath party for new associates of the province of kesserwan.

“Today we are facing two challenges:  the first one is not giving up in politics,in the streets and in the elections, the second one is not accepting to postpone our problems again,” he noted.

Gemayel voiced his concern over the deteriorating situation the Lebanese people are experiencing every single day.

“Today you are taking part in an association that only cares about the interests of Lebanon,” Gemayel said to the new associates.

“We , as Lebanese , have to be honest with each other if we are willing to abide by the Constitution and the law or not , and to live equally and if we are ready to live in a civilized, sovereign, decentralized country or not, but surely we will not accept to live as if we are defeated,” he added.

Gemayel blamed the Lebanese politicians for their failure in ruling the country, saying that they made everything so people can forget the main issue.

“ We are being distracted by the crises that are hitting us starting from the electricity crisis to the fuel crisis , medicine crisis and the Lebanese pound crisis,” he said.

“The country was handed to Hezbollah, and this dreadful ruling class concluded the presidential settlement that brought the country to the verge of collapse,” he pointed out.

“Instead of helping and making reforms to ensure a dignified life to their people, these leaders cannot agree a new cabinet, the country is being destroyed every day and for a year they have not formed a cabinet,” he said.

“Because of this ruling class, the state is absent, our army began starving, I fear that their next goal after destroying the health sector and educational one, is to bring our army and its chief to their knees,” he stressed.

“ Stop lying, we seek to have powerful people to bring back our beloved nation, and that is the aim of the Kataeb party,” he concluded.