Gemayel Says Hezbollah Is Changing Lebanon's Identity

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Gemayel Says Hezbollah Is Changing Lebanon's Identity

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday deemed Hezbollah as the one changing the identity of Lebanon, saying that 90% of the issues the Lebanese people are facing today are linked to Hezbollah controlling their country.

“Hezbollah is the main player and those who don’t want to see that have an issue of credibility,” Gemayel said in a podcast with Beirut Banyan.

“Hezbollah's weapons should be addressed. This should be the headline,” he noted.

“When you are fighting an ideologically driven militia and you are fighting an occupation or when you are fighting huge demons like this, you have to accept the sacrifices that you are giving,” he added.

Gemayel deemed the parliamentary elections as an act of resistance, saying that the solution is to get rid of these compromising parties and bring people to the Parliament, people that are not compromising individuals.

“Yes, the elections can be an act of resistance if you stay true to it and you don’t compromise afterwards,” he said.

“The only other way to fight back is to get a bloc of parliamentarians that are not ready to compromise, that have a loud voice, that are true to themselves and are willing to fight in the institutions,” he added.

“We can’t work with those who don’t want to talk about the sovereignty of Lebanon because this means that they are somehow accomplices of the situation, because when you want to say that you are in the opposition and you don’t see the issue of sovereignty and armed militia that is controlling the country, that means that you are not genuine,” he said.

“I think that 80% of the opposition today is very aware of the issue of sovereignty and ready to fight for it.”

“Unfortunately, the 20% are as loud as or maybe louder than the 80% but still on the ground in the Lebanese population, 80% of those who are supporting the revolution are pro sovereignty,” he said.

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