Gemayel to CNN: Change Will Be Achieved During Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel stressed that Hezbollah is known as an armed militia that fights in Syria and the region; saying that is ordered by Iran and it implements its agenda in Lebanon and it’s not the first time that this militia resorts to violence.

“ Hezbollah is an armed militia that is threatening us every single day , it is destroying the state of law and it is obstructing the right to resort to the tribunal and getting to the truth . It is destroying our right to live in a state that provides us with rights without violence,” Gemayel said in an interview with CNN.

He accused this armed militia of holding the Lebanese people hostages; affirming that some people decided to fight against these ongoing threats and provocations.

“What happened yesterday was terrible and we don’t want this to happen again. The state should extend its authority throughout the country and get rid of all the weapons and bring back stability,” he pointed out.

The Kataeb leader also called on the Lebanese army to be present everywhere and get rid of each weapon in Lebanon.

“Unfortunately, there is an armed militia that considers itself above the law and it does not have to appear before the court. It is provoking the Lebanese to drag them into launching a war against Israel and Syria or facing the Arab countries and the United States,” he emphasized.

Gemayel affirmed that Lebanon should be a neutral country where peace and stability should prevail to raise our children without returning to war scenes, stressing that the war was an important lesson for all the Lebanese.

“Unfortunately there is an armed militia that is financed and owned by Iran that is preventing us to build our country,” he added.

“Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has clearly stated that his party is an integral part of the Iranian republic. This party is using the Lebanese people to fight wars that have nothing to do with Lebanon’s interest,” he pointed out.

Germayel called on officials to take responsibility in a bid to avoid such events; affirming that he talked to the minister of defense one day before Al-Tayyouneh clashes and he warned him against these practices.

“I asked him to deploy the army to prevent any violence; unfortunately nothing was done. We don’t need words ,we need actions and the government should make a clear statement supporting the Lebanese judiciary and its independency,” he said.

“We want the judges to be free so as to perform their work without any kind of threats or interferes,” he stressed.

“Everyone in Lebanon knows that the majority of the parliament is controlled by Hezbollah and the newly government was halted by this armed militia,” he added.

Gemayel deemed the support of the Lebanese army as vital; hoping that each state that is willing to support Lebanon to do so through the Lebanese army, the public institutions and the government and not by supporting armed militias.

“They only way to save Lebanon is by electing free and competent people. I hope that the Lebanese people will cast their votes freely into ballot boxes to break this status quo,” he said.

“One week ago the Iranian official Ghoulam Ali Rachid stated that Iran has 6 armies in the region and Hezbollah is one of them. It means that somehow we are occupied and they only way to deal with this matter is by raising our voices to the international community and by holding parliamentary elections,” he concluded.