Gemayel : We Are not Afraid of Hezbollah or Anyone Else

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Gemayel : We Are not Afraid of Hezbollah or Anyone Else

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday stressed that the Lebanese army is being exposed to a heavy political pressure, affirming that it needs ongoing support.

“We are exerting our utmost efforts to unite the opposition front and we are raising our voices against the Iranian guardianship that is controlling Lebanon through Hezbollah's militia,” Gemayel said in an interview with MTV and Al-Horra.

Gemayel affirmed that the attempt made to frame the Lebanese army as the weak part is totally wrong, saying that its aim is for people to lose hope in the institutions and the State.

"The Lebanese army is the symbol of sovereignty and it represents all the Lebanese ,and we appreciate the support of the United States and the international community," he added.

“We are not afraid of Hezbollah or anyone else. We will try our best to restore the strength of the institutions through the Lebanese army and to restore the legitimacy of the Parliament through the upcoming parliamentary elections that should be held under the sponsorship of the international community,” he emphasized.

Gemayel deemed the voting of the Lebanese expatriates in the upcoming polls as important, saying that the expats have a significant role in achieving the needed change.

“The Kataeb party and the Lebanese forces have different views but today we are witnessing a genuine change in the performance of the Lebanese forces concerning the confrontation of Hezbollah,” he concluded.