Gemayel Says Change Will Be Achieved in Ballot Boxes

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Gemayel Says Change Will Be Achieved in Ballot Boxes

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Saturday deemed accountability as important, stressing that time for change has come.

“The Lebanese deserve to live a better life. It is time to build a new, sovereign, free, and developed country in which the Lebanese reconcile with themselves, and this will only be achieved when people decide to draw a line with the past, choose between white and black, and hold everyone accountable with no exception,” Gemayel said from Tampa's United States.

“The Lebanese people won’t give up until change is achieved. They will hold all the Lebanese leaders accountable for their lack of responsibility in addressing the country’s problems,” he pointed out.

“We seek competent people who only care about Lebanon’s interests. Unfortunately, our beloved country is controlled by an armed miltia and corrupt people whose aim is to only have leadership positions,” he emphasized.


Gemayel also stressed that the Lebanese people will exert their utmost efforts to topple this dreadful ruling elite democratically and effectively.


“Our cause is only Lebanese that involves the future of every Lebanese living in his home country “Lebanon”, “he added.

“We are proving every day that the Lebanese need something new and we want to be a part of it because we believe in a new Lebanon. It is our job as a new generation to be able to transform ourselves and to look to the future,” he said.

Gemayel also stressed that the immigration has increased, saying that the instability in Lebanon forced the Lebanese to seek alternative options despite their love of their homeland and having to leave family and work behind.


“We rely on you also as you can vote freely and democratically without any interference. We also call on whoever can vote in Lebanon to do so,” Gemayel said addresing the Lebanese expatriates.


For her part, President of ‘Kelna Ayle “Association Carine Gemayel deemed the situation that the Lebanese are experiencing every single day as challenging; stressing that the association’s aim is to help every person in need.