Lebanon’s The Daily Star Shuts Down after Years of Financial Problems

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Lebanon’s The Daily Star Shuts Down after Years of Financial Problems

Lebanon’s oldest English-language newspaper, The Daily Star, has officially shut down after years of financial problems.

The newspaper was founded in 1952 by Kamel Mrowa.

The paper’s editor-in-chief Nadim Ladki held a call with the employees and staff before an e-mail was sent notifying them of the decision, which was effective as of October 31.

In 2010, new investors led by former Prime Minister Saad Hariri acquired the paper.

Since then, there had been financial difficulties, but the paper continued to attract top reporters and served as a training ground for local and international journalists.

Last year, The Daily Star halted its print edition due to ongoing financial issues, which pushed much of the staff to find jobs elsewhere.

And last month, the online edition was temporarily suspended due to what the paper said was “due to circumstances beyond our control.”

The Daily Star is the latest media outlet to close down due to Lebanon’s deteriorating situation. In 2016, As-Safir newspaper shut down after 42 years. An-Nahar, one of the Arab world’s leading newspapers, has also been forced to lay off staff over the years and continues to struggle financially.

TV stations in the country also face difficulties paying their staff, according to several news anchors.

Source: Al Arabiya