Pressure Mounts on Mikati’s Government for Failing to Confront ‘Hezbollah’

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Pressure Mounts on Mikati’s Government for Failing to Confront ‘Hezbollah’

The crisis with Gulf states and its repercussions have become the focus of political stances in Lebanon, with many calling for expediting solutions and the resignation of Information Minister George Kordahi.


Some even called for Prime Minister Najib Mikati to step down alongside other ministers because of Hezbollah’s hegemony over the work of a rather “helpless” government.


“The Arab option must not fall at all, and all Lebanese parties must listen to the voice of reason,” urged Democratic Gathering Secretary, MP Hadi Abou al-Hassan, adding that Lebanon cannot withstand a row with fellow Arab countries.


“Kordahi’s resignation is the key to correcting the course of the relationship with the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) and the Arab Brotherhood, and this requires dialogue and discussion and a return to diplomatic principles,” added al-Hassan.


For his part, Free Patriotic Movement lawmaker Mario Aoun also called for Kordahi’s resignation.


“It became clear that Mikati is desperately asking for the resignation of Kordahi,” said Aoun in a radio interview.


Source: Asharq Al-Awsat