Kataeb Party Deems Current Ruling Authority as a Danger on the Country and Its People

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Kataeb Party Deems Current Ruling Authority as a Danger on the Country and Its People

The Kataeb party on Thursday warned against any attempt that will make the Lebanese choose between justice and managing people’s affairs, deeming the issue of bartering those who are accountable for the Beirut blast with the return of the government’s work as a new crime made by the current ruling authority against the port's victims.

“Any such step is considered as a new surrender to the dictates of Hezbollah, which, after subjugating the legislative and executive authorities, began its war to defeat the judiciary after realizing that it includes brave sovereign judges who refuse to submit to anything but the voice of the law,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

The party slammed the current living situation the Lebanese are experiencing, blaming the political class for the phase  the country has reached today.

“The silence is no longer allowed. The authority’s ongoing presence in the rule has become the greatest danger to the survival of the country and its people,” the political bureau added, calling on the Lebanese to express their rejection of this reality by all available means without any delay.

The party praised the comrades and friends who have won the Bar Association elections, saying that that they were and will remain the ones to preserve democracy and justice in Lebanon in light of these fateful circumstances.

The Kataeb also is counting on the upcoming union elections for pharmacists, dentists and physical therapists to have such an attitude, which would confirm that the hope for change is real.


Source: Kataeb.org