Youth For Change Launches Numbering Project in Bchaale

As part of its efforts to develop rural areas and help the Lebanese stay in their hometowns, Youth For Change (Y4C) association signed a memorandum of understanding with Bchaale’s municipality to launch a numbering system in the Batroun village.

The system, funded by Y4C, will see Bchaale's houses, streets, buildings and archeological sites all numbered to make it easier to locate a specific destination.

Bchaale Mayor Rashid Geagea thanked the association for its endeavors in the social field, pledging more similar projects to develop and improve the village.

Head of Youth For Change, Gilbert Rizk, hoped that the numbering system project would spread out to other towns and villages, assuring that the association has still many other plans for Bchaale.

The goals behind such projects is to encourage residents to stay in their villages and hometowns, Rizk noted, pointing out that the digital economy constitutes the fourth industrial revolution and that it requires a suitable infrastructure to benefit from it.

Rizk announced that the numbering project will be managed by the leading company in the acute technology field, GeoSpatialMinds SAL.

Youth for Change is a Lebanese Non Governmental Organization founded in 2011, with the aim to promote positive youth development in the Lebanese community.