Footage Shows Unfiltered Emissions From AUBMC's Incinerator

Footage Shows Unfiltered Emissions From AUBMC's Incinerator

A Facebook footage showed the pollution caused by the incinerator of the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), as unfiltered smoke is being constantly released through the largely residential area surrounding the medical facility.

Medical waste incineration involves the burning of wastes produced by hospitals.

“The American University of Beirut is spreading its polluted smoke every day! Who is holding accountability and who is monitoring? Who is responsible for protecting our health and our children’s? The images speak for themselves,” read the caption of the video posted by "Our Children's Health Is a Red Line" page.

The footage noted that a fire destroyed the incinerator’s pollution filter nine months ago, as reported by Annahar newspaper.

“The hospital began releasing unfiltered exhaust late at night. New equipment was installed in October, but the hospital continued to release unfiltered smoke,” the video stated while showing images captured during different months.

“On April 16 for example, it released 8 plumes of smoke, each lasting 10-20 minutes."

The video cited a U.S. EPA’s report on medical incinerators, warning that they emit “significant quantities of pollutants” including particulate matter metals, acid gases, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, organic materials, pathogens, cytotoxins, and radioactive materials.