Lebanon Ranked 5th in 2019 Pollution Index

Lebanon Ranked 5th in 2019 Pollution Index

Lebanon was ranked 5th in the 2019 Pollution Index for Country, issued by Numbeo website which examined the pollution in countries worldwide.

The country scored 87.39% on the report coming ahead of bigger countries with a large number of populations such as Nigeria, Egypt, China, and others.

Asia appeared to be the most polluted continent with countries of Mongolia, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Bangladesh topping the ranking.

In the report, Arab countries were listed among the highest ranks with Egypt ranking 8, closely followed by Jordan (15), Iraq (18), Kuwait (28), and Saudi Arabia (37).

On the other hand, Finland (106), Iceland (105), Sweden (104), and Estonia (103) ranked lowest.

The report pointed out that pollution has surged worldwide in varying proportions, especially in industrialized as well as developing countries which lack proper environmental protection policies.

Data was collected from visitors of the website which also included some relevant data from World Health Organization and other institutions.

The assessment is based on the following main pollution factors, air pollution and water pollution/accessibility while also studying other types of pollution.

Source: Kataeb.org